Blair Logan is a World Fusion "bellydancer" who has been teaching and performing for over a decade, and enjoys dancing with/for audiences, large and small. She has training in a variety of dance styles, with an emphasis on World Fusion MENAHT -inspired (Middle East North Africa Hellenistic Turkish) regional dance, as well as  a variety of regional and Western dance styles (including Hip Hop, Swing, and Polynesian/Hula), which she commonly incorporates into her performances. 

Her early instruction came from a handful of dancers in Montana, including Aniysa, Rosa Rose, Heather Ellesworth, and Geneva Bybee. Since then, she has primarily trained with Zoe Jakes, April Rose, Stacey LizetteAmy Sigil, and Ashley Lopez, but also has some formal training in ballroom and ballet. She has performed at several "bellydance" and music festivals, including Austin Bellydance Convention, Migrations World Dance and Music Festival, Bayou Belly Fest, Hullabaloo, LYME, Fringe Fest Missoula, and Synergy Fest. Based out of Austin, she currently teaches and performs throughout Texas and the States.

Her style ranges from light and joyful, to ethereal and mysterious, engaging audiences with her fluid movement and soulful dancing. This can be attributed to her early influences, as well as how she connects to the music and with her audience.

Austin has a magical music scene, and Blair often has the chance to collaborate with local musicians. including Kev Bev, Atlas Maior, and Our Suns--often as a solo artist, but also as a cohesive group, incorporating ITS at performances with her Rose Movement Studio colleagues and other local and visiting dancers. 

She currently teaches online via Patreon, Instagram, and YouTube, and you can catch her at a variety of workshops and classrooms around Austin!

Please note the quotations for the term "bellydance" is to delineate this term as an antiquated and wholly disrespectful depiction of the contributing cultures in the evolution of this dance style, being a colonial term created to discredit and discriminate against said cultures and/or classes of individuals. I will do my best in my position as an educator to use this term as little as possible when describing my dance movement and business, as a means of bringing more awareness and respect to the cultures involved in this MENAHT (Middle East North Africa Hellenistic Turkish) dance practice.